About Us

What is Buy My Tunes?

Buy My Tunes is a blog and record label founded by producer and general maverick Super Joshi.

The blog is updated bi-weekly because less really is more. We hope to serve more as a filter than just another shouting man flinging pointless poop at you every day.

As multi-genre ninjas, we concentrate on what we like to call Spoken Music. This is a combination of spoken word poetry with beat heavy music, so you can move your body while your head is engaged with the thoughts we out in it. Essentially, the label stands for good music. The name stems from the idea of saying how you feel. Expressing yourself in a true way. In a nutshell that’s what we’re about. Self-expression. And songs with balls.

We also take a lot of care in pushing great songs whilst helping people around the world to lift themselves. One massively important thing is that Buy My Tunes is a label with a difference. We’re proud to say that 5p from each full price download, will be donated to the charities that we support.

See more about our Team here.

Oh and one last thing, we are open to collaborations with artists, producers and labels of all kinds. So get in touch.